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Characters of the Camp - The Werod 


These are the back storys of the Werod, King Pendas personal household warriors and their familys. Scroll down to see other characters you will meet at our shows.


Waerwyrd of Tuiccunaham - Æaldorman of Mercia

Waerwyrd is the son of Haenwyrd an Æaldorman of the Middle Seaxe of mixed Seax & Mercian decent .who claims ancestry  of the Nobel line of Twicca and further back even to Woden himself!   His mother is a noble of the British Catuvellauni tribe who also live in the area.  He grew up in Tuiccunham a quiet hamlet near the Ficsebourne River.  From a young age he learned to read as well as being trained in the martial skills until at the age of 10 he was fostered away to a noble family in Mercia as was the fashion.

As he grew to the age of manhood at 4 and 10 winters he found he had an aptitude for fighting, serving the family he was fostered too in minor skirmishes and border disputes. However it was soon time for him to return to his family and so he spent a few years learning how to run the estate under his father as by now he was a thegn.   But  soon a new star was rising. Penda the new king of Mercia was expanding his rule, and this was too good an opportunity to miss. So Waewyrd by now a seasoned warrior left with a few of his most trusted warriors and joined Pendas army. Marching at that time to Wessex. After the battle of Cirencester he then accompanied Penda on the campaign against the Northumbrians and at the battle of Hatfield Chase his abilities caught the king’s eye.

 it was not long before he was gifted with rings and silver and two years after he joined Pendas forces he learnt that his father had died and he with Pendas influence he been elected Æaldorman  of the Middleseax . however, that small hamlet was no great kingdom and his fortunes were still best served at the Kings side, as by now fighting in his Hearth Werod (personal guard) he now had good lands, cattle and slaves of his own own as well as a position at court.

And so he continues to serve his King loyally, fighting for Mercia, silver rings and the pagan gods against these Christian usurpers, treacherous under kings and most of all against the dreaded Northumbrians.  


Hrodbert “The Boar” of Hicca , Olanna and Sofi Hrobertsdotta


Born the son of a wealthy Thegn in the lands of the Hicca tribe, Hrodbert grew up helping learn to farm the land and tend his fathers’ orchards and beehives. As he got older he started making cider and mead and gained a good reputation allowing him to increase his business and holdings in the area.

Life continued like this for some years until he met a Slav merchant in Ludenwic who introduced him to his daughter Olanna, whom he married soon after and had a daughter sofi. Hrobert also served in the local Fyrd and due to his large size and ferocity was known locally as the Boar. Life was slow and flowed with the seasons and the apple harvests.

But this peace could not last, one day there village was attacked by the men of Kent, led by a war like king they ravaged his people, lands and murdered his father. Luckily Hrobert was able to flee with his wife and daughter but swore revenge upon them.

And so he found himself in the service of King Penda who was at that time at war with the Kingdom of Kent. His prowess in the shield wall impressed the king who granted him rings and after some time he also found himself in the ranks of the kings Werod. His lands also restored to him he now splits his time between his estate in the Hicca lands (now part of Mercia) and in service to his King.

Eofric of Wessex

I am the youngest of 5 brothers, born in a small farming hamlet in the land of the West Saxons and when I was 19 summer Thegn Eadmund summoned me to the Fyrd and with them I was sent north to Bernicia.

On our return we were attacked by a band of Mercian warriors in the service of King Penda, the fighting was hard and brutal and I lost many friends that day, at the end our Thegn Eadmund was mortally wounded by a spear in the guts, and as his sworn warriors we fought over his body until most lay dead, I was captured and brought before Penda Cyning who reckoning my deeds worthy deemed I could go free if I swore an oath of loyalty and gave my spear in service to him.

Many years have passed since that day, and I have risen through the ranks to become one of the Kings Heard Werod (household warriors) , and now through my Lord's good grace hold my own small hall as one of his Thegns in Lycceworđ,  along the track known as the Icknield Way.

 As I approach fifty summers of age, I feel the weight of years upon me, but whenever my Cyning calls and Tiw,  Woden and Thunor give me strength and courage to wield my spear and shield in battle I will never break my oath and refuse his call and will once more join the shield wall to defend his land, and fight once more with my sworn brothers in the Hearđwerod of Penda Cyning, to either victory or my death in the battle, whereafter I shall take my seat in the Meadhall of the Gods.


Oswulf son of Wulfric, Theign of Mercia

“I’m Oswulf son of Wulfric youngest son of the lord of Repton and heir to that title”

He was born in the region of bedandford, My father the Lord of Repton an important person was often away either administrating his estates or fighting during his youth so he largely grew up with no father figure or much in the way of discipline. His mother and older brothers left to run the day to day affairs of his father estates in that area

Because of this as he grew into a young man he was spoilt and lazy spending most days drinking and gambling . He didn’t bother helping his family though he quite willingly lived at his father’s expense. However one day while s father was away, some outlaws attacked his father’s land and he was forced to ditch his mead horn for a blade and help defend his father’s land. So he quickly grabbed his grandfather’s sword and managed to rally his father’s people and thralls to stand and fight.

The fight was long and bloody but he and his father’s people won the day and the enemy fled. But during the battle Oswulf witnessed the death of his brothers and also his mother had been injured. Oswulf realised that day, that he was no longer a child and needed to take responsibility for his life. He was now the heir to the Lord of Repton! So from that day onward he started helping to look after his father’s land and started training to be a proper warrior

Oswulf is now an experience warrior and as his father has aged he has taken his place amongst the warriors of the King of Mercia , Penda.  He is one of the Werod the kings own hearth troops and like his father and his father before him and he is determined to  forge his own story worthy of tales and song!

Characters of the Camp - The Dugud

Godric of the Ash

Godric was born in Tuccianham the son of a local cloth merchant. He followed his father into the trade but after some years grew bored with the hum drum of village life and yearned to see more of the land. As a Churl he also regularly trained with the fyrd and was equipped with a shield and spear for times of defence of the area. One day over a pot of ale his friend Wilmǣr announced he was leaving Tuccianaham with the son of the local Aeldorman to serve in King Pendas army . Penda was on the rise and there was much opportunity to gain status and wealth in the campaigns to come. So in his cups by this point and excited he swore on his shield and spear to accompany his friend on this grand adventure!

The next morning Wilmǣr reminded a hung over  Godrich of his oath and so he had no choice but to tell his father he was leaving, pack up his spear and shield and go. His father gifted him with an old langseax that had been his in his youth and so the three friends travelled off to war. A few years later after some minor campaigns Godrich encountered his first major Battle against the Northumbrians of Edwin at Hatfield Chase. Godrich showed true courage in this battle and earnt the title of a champion defeating a Northumbrian Theign in single combat and in doing so saving the lifes of several Mercian nobels who were about to be outflanked. By now raised into the Dugud an up to the rank of a Geneatas  He was rewarded with the horse tailed helmet and mail of his defeated foe for this brave action.


Characters of the Camp - The Geogud

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