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Get involved. 

Do you like history, enjoy the outdoors or perhaps just want to try swinging a sword then this is for you! 

Have you ever wanted to connect with your ancestral past? to delve into a simpler world away from all of the constant noise and rushing about of the 21st century? Then reenactment is probably the thing for you! 

In Swords of Penda - Children of Loki you can leave all that behind, well for a weekend anyway!


Immerse yourself in a bygone age, of shield , spear and sword. Cook and eat period foods, learn crafts and skills, drink mead, make merry and enjoy life away from the constant noise in the busy and never relenting cycle of work, eat, sleep, repeat!


Discover a fantastic new way to keep fit, especially if you attend all of our training sessions!

Reenactment is a great way to get away from it all, to bring your family and show your children another world far from their games consoles and mobile phones.


Our group is welcoming, family friendly and inclusive of all no matter who or what you are. So join us today !

Download the Membership form below and send us a contact through here 

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