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If you are looking to join us or you are an event organiser and need a group for your venue or event. Please drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible


Some Useful Links

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Some other Saxon / Viking reenactment groups we regularly work with.... 

Seaxa based in Dorset a very good Saxon group 

Age of Penda Based in Staffordshire, Early Saxons to Vikings

Brumvik based in Birmingham Viking group

and not forgetting Here be Flagons our musical group - click here 

Traders we approve of ....

Heron Armouries  - the best swords in the business! 

Dark Age Creations - Great soft kit made to your spec 

Weiland Forge  - Axes, Seaxes, Shield Boss and iron work 

Raymonds Press - Buckles and helmet fittings 

Armor Arena  - Good value quality replicas of helmets 

Helgis history shop  - High quality helms and armour 

Tod Cutler - High quality knives and weapons 

Danegeld   - High quality jewelry replicas

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