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If you are looking to join us or you are an event organiser and need a group for your venue or event. Please drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible


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Some Useful Links

Some other Saxon / Viking reenactment groups we regularly work with.... 

Seaxa based in Dorset a very good Saxon group 

Age of Penda Based in Staffordshire, Early Saxons to Vikings

Brumvik based in Birmingham Viking group

Traders we approve of ....

Heron Armouries the best swords in the business! 

Dark Age Creations Great soft kit made to your spec 

Weiland Forge Axes, Seaxes, Shield Boss and iron work 

Raymonds Press Buckles and helmet fittings 

Armor Arena Indian made cheap but good quality replicas of helmets 

Helgis history shop High quality helms and armour 

Tod Cutler high quality knives and weapons 

Danegeld Super high quality bling replicas

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