Reenacting the age of Early Saxon kings, Tribal Warfare and Pagan Gods!

Before the Vikings came to our shores, the tribes and sub kingdoms of Britannia were not the peaceful place you think they were. Come on our journey to explore this turbulent age of migration and conquests that followed the fall of Romes dominance!


Swords of Penda - Children of Loki is a small historical reenactment society that specialises in dynamic and entertaining living history's and combat displays through the use of character role playing, crafts and skills now mostly long forgotten. 


As Rome fell into despair and the legions had left the shores of Britannia unguarded, a great era of change began. 

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Click below to get a full list of our events for 2022 including shows at  Tutbury Castle, Chalke Valley History festival, Chiltern Open Air Museum, Buster Ancient Farm and West Stow Anglo Saxon Village

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Want to get involved? we are currently recruiting new members, especially families. Reenactment is a great way to get away from the stresses of modern day life, no phones, TV or computer games. Slip back into the past and reconnect with your roots, learn old crafts and skills or learn to fight with swords, spears and axes!

Did you Penda was the last pagan king of Mercia? 

Did you know the 6th Century is the true age of Arthur well before Knights in shining armour came about? 

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Want to learn more and experience it for yourself? Then drop us a message and join us in recreating the past! 

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If you would like to book us for a show please dont hesitate to drop us a line. Are shows are both comprehensive, entertaining and educational at a very competitive price. 

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