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School Visits


We can provide visits to schools for education days. These are tied directly to the Ks2 curriculum on Anglo Saxons and Vikings. And they help the children look at who we're the Saxons and Vikings, how they lived, what they ate , what clothes they wore and important people like Alfred the Great.

In these visits we bring together a number of recreated items that the children can handle and explore in an interactive way,. They get the chance to try clothes on and experience life in the past. We  guide the children in fun activities such as  howto make a carboard shield and paint a design and then stand in the shield wall as a warrior! 

These visits are fun and exciting for the children whilst still being educational and can involve story telling elements, crafting activities, interactive play with period games and a chance to immerse themselves in a different age. 

All our staff are fully DBS checked and we have full Public liability Insurance and Risk Assessments in place. 

Please contact us to discuss your needs and our range of prices from gull days to half day sessions. 

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