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Main Events

Our main events typically involve us arriving on a Friday to set up then on show during your venue opening times over the weekend. During these show times we can offer a number of different activities and historical entertainments for your customers. We are not the largest society out there but we more than make up for this with our interactive and fun content. Each event is researched so that we incorporate local history and events into what we do for a unique experience that is both fun and educational. 

At our main events we go full on to bring you the most immersive experience we can.

Living History Camp

A standard of our shows is our large Living History camp of period tents and structures which are all utilised for activities and displays during the show. Many of these are open so the public can come right in and experience life in the dark ages themselves! 

Combat Displays

We can provide a number of combat displays from basic weapons displays, to challenges by the warriors (the public choose their favourites) to scripted  skirmishes and displays based on historical actions in the local area. These are fun, exciting and a big crowd pleaser!

Character Role-Playing 

One of the big things we do that is different is the character roleplaying of people from the past. Each of our members has a character with backstory and we often mix in various scenarios which are interactive with the public to really pull them into the period. These can range from simple story telling sessions to more complex mini shows during the day that designed to get the audience taking part.


Our event prices are very competitive and can be flexible to your budget under agreement. If you have a low budget we can often accommodate somehow with various concessions so please drop us a line to discuss what you need!  

Sutlery tent
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