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Living History - Camp and Crafts!

 At our shows we have a living history camp. This is where we set up period tents , a fire tray and other reproduction items on display. We demonstrate to the public how people of that time lived. We cook period food and feast like Beowulf , learn and display crafts and skills. The camp is the heart of our display its not only a static backdrop to set the scene but also a place of constant work and entertainment. Food is prepared and cooked, music and  games played, crafts such as tablet weaving, spinning, wood work and a blacksmithing are displayed. Here the public are invited to glimpse into the dark ages and speak with its people. Learning both about daily life and becoming immersed into that age. You dont just have to be a warrior we are keen for civilians who want to practice crafts and become part of the living history experience!  


Food & Feasting

At events we prepare and cook period recopies from stews and roast meats to baking bread and sweet dishes. And of course we then feast like kings all washed down with ale and mead around the camp fire once the public have gone home! 



Many of us live in period tents for the weekends at events . This is far from uncomfortable for with furs and wool you are very cosy and warm. We also use these spaces to display items to the public and explain how they were used. 



There are many crafts and skills you can learn with us. Tablet weaving for example  is a very popular and creative craft. using wool to make ornate patterned belts and chords for clothing and trim. The examples above were made by the amazing Drakos Dottir

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