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About Us

Swords of Penda - Children of Loki is a  historical reenactment society that specialises in dynamic and entertaining living history's and combat displays through the use of character role playing, crafts and skills now mostly long forgotten. 


Our reenactments are designed to bring the people into the world of our ancestors & give them a real taste of life in that period through entertainment that educates. You might have noticed that the group has a double barrelled name. This is because on occasions we will still do later Viking age events and when we do that we perform under the guise of “Children of Loki.” Whilst in the early Saxon period we are “Swords of Penda”. It’s the same group, same people but just a different terminology to recognise the different settings.

Our group covers the early period of Anglo Saxon period  of the 7th Century and the rule of King Penda, the last Pagan king of England. This period is often over looked by many in favour of the viking age however it is an exciting and mysterious time. Cloaked by the mists of what we call the Dark Ages, these turbulent years from the late 5th to the mid 8th witnessed the end of an empire and the birth of a Nation. As Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Frisians, Franks and many smaller tribes migrated and integrated with the native Romano British Celts. Wars also erupted, territory claimed and fought over, kingdoms rose and fell along with their leaders. 

We also cover the 9th and 10th Centuries and the Viking Age. In this period we portray A Viking Warband often fighting a local Saxon Fyrd for control. Each event is individually researched and scenarios are based around the history of the local area. 

Why dont you get involved, come and join us here!

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