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What we can do

Swords of Penda/ Children of Loki can carry out a number of activities to suite your venue, event or school. We can tailor our services to your size and budget.


​Large Events:

This is where we come to your venue, normally a castle, historical site or somewhere of interest and bring our entire living history set up to camp  for the weekend. We can plan in combat scenarios and many other smaller scenarios during a typical day from story telling to hands on experiences for your customers. Find out more by Clicking here


Small Events: 

We might bring one or two tents to a small venue such a museum etc. and perform a show and tell day with various elements depending upon your requirements. 

School Visits:

We can provide small teams to visit schools for education days linked to the current curriculum for KS2. These are interactive and entertaining days for the children with a high educational value. All members that attend will be DBS checked.

Find more information by Clicking here 


Club talks and lectures:

We can also provide a wide range of talks for clubs and societies such as women's institutes, local history clubs etc on a variety of subjects related to the Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain.

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